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FAQs for Alumni Fellow Fund

Why is this fundraising initiative to support an additional named Alumni Fellow important now?

Due to program costs (stipends, meetings) outpacing inflation, the number of Fellows able to be supported by the Foundation has been progressively reduced over time.  The Foundation currently supports 14 new Fellows, 1 Second Year Fellow and 2 Scholars.  At the same time, the need has grown.  The Sarnoff Foundation has consistently attracted many more qualified candidates than it can support.


How well has the Sarnoff Foundation met its mission?

Over 39 years of support for a high quality substantive research experience early in a physician’s career has demonstrated great impact.  Over 400 medical students have received Sarnoff Fellowships.  Many former Fellows are leaders in their practice, community, area of scholarship or industry.  Of those that have completed training, over 50% practice in an academic setting. 


Is the Foundation in financial trouble?  Have the corpus investments underperformed?

The Foundation assets are sizable and nearly the most it has ever held (slightly less than $40 million).   As an example, the Foundation’s investment strategy has yielded returns that have far exceeded those in our Endowment peer group of asset size $25-50 million (2.2% annual outperformance over 5 years ending 6/30/2017.  Most up-to-date data from NACUBO ) and even outperformed Endowments of much larger size with resources of greater than $1 billion (1.3% annual outperformance over 5 years).  

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